How to help friends who are trying to conceive


The latest research from PROCEIVE, along with Mummy Pages highlights how women feel when they are asked are they are trying for a baby. The hardest part of the conception journey reported by our mums-to-be is when people enquire if they are ‘trying’ or by reminding them that their biological ‘clock is ticking’ (33%), when their friends make their own baby announcements (31%), and seeing pregnant women (18%).  

Tips to help:

If your friend starts talking about trying for a baby, listen and make them feel you are interested. Only give advice if asked.

Then don’t keep asking them how are things going – they have confided in you and will continue to do so in their own time – look out for signs they want to talk.

Don’t minimise their thoughts – don’t say ‘there are worse things happening in the world’ – this is their world now.

Encourage them to relax and to enjoy their relationships – you can arrange relaxing things to do and arrange couples night out.