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Macho Mark and the missing sperm…

I was 43 years old and genuinely thought the opportunity for me to have kids was gone. I was also concerned that my hectic lifestyle and questionable diet in the last 20 years might have affected my ability to have children. Eventually the question of children came to a head as we discussed whether to have nice wedding or try for a child. Myself and my fiancé were both desperate not to hurt each other’s feeling but fortunately we both wanted to give it a go. All that said it was an awkward conversation.

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Staying positive after many years of fertility struggles

Deciding to start trying to conceive was an exciting time – I remember having ‘the chat’ with Aaron six years ago and thinking that in a year or two’s time we’d have turned into a family of three! Sadly, despite our best efforts we are still just two, thousands of pounds poorer but not too mentally scarred from four cycles of IVF, three miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy. I think the key to this has been the strength of our relationship, the support of our family and friends and the acceptance and calm that eventually comes from years of fertility struggles.

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Three ways to emotional self-care when you’re trying to get pregnant

When you’ve been trying for a while, as you probably know, it consumes your thoughts. It also takes sex off the nice-to-do list and onto your actual to-do list. Which is possibly the least sexy thing ever. It wasn’t until I’d let go of trying to get pregnant that I could look back and see how much I’d been obsessing about trying to get pregnant. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, right? 

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Trying by Michelle & Clive

When somebody asks me how long we have been "trying", I ask them, have they got an hour for me to explain? I put trying in inverted commas because I don't actually know if I can still class us as a couple that have been "trying" nonstop for a certain amount of years. Our journey has been that of a rollercoaster, and during our time, we have had a failed IVF cycle here in Ireland, we were naturally blessed with the most precious child, our boy Zach, who was given to us for a short five weeks in August 2017 and then cruelly taken away from us again, and then a failed ICSI cycle in Prague as recent as February 2019. 

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